Filament Games Project: Little Grasshopper Books App

Posted: January 2nd, 2020 under Android App, C#, Filament Games, iOS App, Project, Unity.


Publications International came to Filament Games looking for a digital companion app for their youngest demographic. As you purchase physical books you can scan a QR code to download the book to your phone. Development also included a CMS to manage all of the book content as the client scaled up book production and publishing. Install the Android app or, if you prefer, the iOS app.

I completed the first half of this project, completing all of the technical designs and budgets as well as the demo version needed at an important convention. As development continued we came up with an interim content solution until the CMS was online, defined book data, and implemented the library and book modes. There were several core features, CMS integration, and minigames handed off to another developer.

Unity 2018.3, C#

Game Disclaimer:
While this is a commercially available product, because of the physical book copyrights I do not have permission to post game content other than what the client already posts as marketing materials. These product images are sourced from the app store page.


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