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No, I Will Not Listen To You Game Idea.

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I think it happens to all game developers, when someone learns our occupation one of two things happen: we get our ear talked off about their favorite game, or we suffer through their idea for a game. This rant is about the later.
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Filament Games Podcast – How Did I Get Here?

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Employees at Filament Games are taking turns talking about the what, why, and how they do what they do. You can find the original post here.

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How to Make a Learning Game: The Post Every Client Should Read

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It Begins With An Idea

Video games typically begin with design, either starting with a great idea or pursuing a creative solution to a tough problem. It is entirely possible to imagine games for which there is no demand, or to identify a space where there is a need but no good game can be built. It is imperative to challenge your ideas and refine them to ensure it meets the qualifications of a good educational game. Once you’ve made that determination, you’re ready to start the game design process. As a broad overview we’ll discuss this process in terms of design, objectives, scope, and platform.
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