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$365 Worth of Actionscript 3.0 Books

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I have been vexed for some time about closing a gap I have felt with, you, my audience (4th wall is hereby broken). I diligently pursue making my content, thoughts, and works accessible to those who do not have a computer science or math background. I do look for ways to encourage or inspire the hobbyist programmer and present Flash to those that might not even know a programming language – I do have code samples and downloadable source on this site. My mission for this blog was to be a journal of my projects, ideas, experiences, and share my discoveries along the way. I do not intend to create an instruction manual, teach programming, or provide game development materials – at least not in blog form (its chronological nature just doesn’t lend well to a course of study or reference guide). However, since I can now convince people to pay me to program in Flash, I can certainly put you on the path to master this platform.
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