Filament Games Project: Superkids

Posted: January 2nd, 2020 under Filament Games, HTML5, Javascript, Project, Unity.

The Superkids Reading program is a core literacy curriculum for kindergarten through second grade that teaches all aspects of reading, and is seamlessly integrated with the language arts. Built on scientific research and proven pedagogy, it combines rigorous instruction with highly motivating curricula. Filament Games developed the online game-based learning component of the Superkids Reading program, Superkids Online Fun!, which includes books and magazines that are read aloud to players, as well as a variety of spelling, phonetics, and vocabulary games to reinforce ELA learning outcomes.

Education Game Disclaimer:
I cannot display the part of this experience that I worked on. This is a return client Zaner-Bloser (formerly Rowland Reading). In addition to the normal issues sharing educational games, I worked on the reading materials part of the project – which are copyrighted from their original physical printing. Project references are shown for context.

In six months, we implemented a publisher to convert this client’s old Adobe Flash content (how the physical books were first made digital, reusing these materials was essential to keeping the project in budget), that would be consumed by a new javascript book player. This book player, which was my primary responsibility, needed to implement the same spec as their existing platform. The book experience was one part of the larger ecosystem that was a more traditional Unity published to WebGL project. The Unity portion was developed by another Filament Games developer.


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