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Apr 27

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There are just so many things I want to accomplish, and not enough time to give them all attention. While I focus on enhancing my personal life, every organization I have ever worked for has butted up against the productivity problem too. Maximizing work accomplished is not a new problem. I’m not sure if we think the rules have changed with current technology, or software developers just never learned from other disciplines. MOAR!!!

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Sprite versus MovieClip

Apr 12

Posted: under ActionScript 3.0 Benchmarks, Optimization.


For years I have heard horror stories about the bad performance of Flash’s MovieClip class, so much so that I have aggressively replaced as many objects as I can with Sprites. Obviously MoiveClip objects use a bit more memory, but how much more processing time do they take compared to Sprites? When exactly do they become expensive? Does it matter how you have your display list organized (according to Adobe, shallower is better; however, we do not have a cost comparison)? Surprising answers and discoveries are abound! MOAR!!!

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Minimum Announced

Apr 10

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Yesterday the game I worked on during my tenure at TimeGate was officially announced. I’d like to say that I worked on some awesome piece of magic on it, but it was honestly more nuts and bolts development. I hope the game reaches its full potential, I always had a good time at our internal play tests. Keep an eye on the official website to get in on the action MOAR!!!

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