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Flash Render Profiling

Feb 23

Posted: under ActionScript 3.0.

Flash Render Profiling Demo

Use this tool and purge your projects of lethargic art assets!


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A Programmer’s Postmortem: Lincoln Era White House

Feb 17

Posted: under ActionScript 3.0, Opinion.

White House Project

Featured in:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pop City Blog
Tech Burgher Blog
and on AM 1360 WMNY The American Entrepreneur 2/28/09 “Ron Morris talks with Todd Waits”


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3D Rendering and Flash Games

Feb 08

Posted: under Opinion.

There has been a lot of recent development in 3D ActionScript engines, the most popular of which is Papervision3D. What does this advance in technology mean for Flash games? MOAR!!!

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Obstacles for Flash Game Development

Feb 03

Posted: under Opinion.

Flash is far from perfect. In fact, there is an entire micro economy providing support for things Adobe left out. MOAR!!!

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