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Creating Games In HTML5

Dec 06

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I have worked with HTML5 for about a year now; it is an interesting platform that cobbles together several bits of technology. It is a capable tool to build games, but not as compelling as other options that can publish to web and native devices (Unity, Flash + Air). In my opinion, HTML5’s advantage is reaching all devices. However, running on all devices (supporting all browser versions and hardware) is also going to be its short coming. Until all versions of Internet Explorer are phased out in favor of Edge (Internet Explorer has been lagging behind other modern browsers) and we can usher in a new generation of tablet devices (the iPad2 and iPad mini, along with cheaper android devices are lacking in performance and a large segment of the tablet market share), HTML5 is not a cost efficient option for game development.

I expound on these thoughts and HTML5 development in my recent Filament Games article:

Getting the Most out of HTML5.

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Flash versus HTML5

Mar 17

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The biggest event to happen to internet and mobile in a long time is the ongoing development of HTML5. Currently there is partial support but the new standard’s definition still isn’t finalized. I have no doubt that it will be a large advance for the web developers; my particular challenge was determining if HTML5 was going to outclass Flash for game development. MOAR!!!

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